Why We Keep Writing

August 6, 2012

Writer’s Life, Writing Tips

Have I missed the publishing boat?

The news from the publishing industry can be discouraging.

Stories drift across the internet that even established authors are having a tougher time getting their books picked up. E-book publishing is changing the face of publishing. Beginning writers might even get the idea that they’re wasting their time. It’s just too difficult. Maybe we’ve missed the boat.

Or have we? If we look beyond the last twenty years of publishing, or a hundred or thousand years, has writing ever been easy? As far back as I can remember, I knew God wanted me to write. He gave me unique experiences and understanding to communicate in words. We live in a world desperately looking for answers that come out of the particular hardships we’re experiencing today.

If God has given you a story to write, keep polishing those drafts. God has a reader in mind. Last summer at Oregon Christian Writers summer conference, John Van Diest, author and Associate Editor Tyndale said,

“The best Christian book has not been published.”

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9 Responses to “Why We Keep Writing”

  1. Shaney Says:

    God doesn’t call us to do what is easy. He calls us to do what He has prepared for us to do. Keep writing!


  2. Shanna Says:

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